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‘Twas the Night Before the Debates

‘Twas the Night Before the Debates at Drake University and throughout campus, students waited excitedly for Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley to be there. A Presidential Debate is a once in a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you are lucky enough to be on campus and obtain tickets, the excitement is building for students.

The excitement is building for Junior Lilith Orne, who is studying strategic political communications, law, politics, and society. The excitement roots from “seeing the campaign process first hand,” Orne says. Luckily, Orne has obtained tickets to the debate and is on campus for January 10th. This upcoming election is important, “like all presidential elections, and its results will impact the United States for many years. Politics shape everything around us,” Orne says. As Drake University students, we are extremely lucky to have this opportunity for a political event of this magnitude. Debates are a unique event because “you get an opportunity to hear from the candidates first hand in a less rehearsed environment,” Orne recognizes. 

Unfortunately, not all Drake students were lucky enough to obtain tickets. We all wish there were unlimited tickets, but unfortunately, not every student who wants to go can. Tyler Strachan is studying Graphic Design but realizes the importance of Presidential debates for the election process. Strachan, a junior, still needs to receive a ticket to the discussion on January 10th. Although right next door to the debates, Strachan will be watching the discussion of television like many other Iowans. Even without attending the debate in person, preparations are happening on campus. Walking through campus, more people are present than usual in early January. Drake University has what is known as a “J-Term.” Students can take shortened classes either on campus or traveling. With limited students, the campus is normally pretty empty. Now, there are herds of CNN workers preparing for the event. 

There is limited ticket availability and space for debate watchers; many Iowans will not be in attendance. However, excitement is clearly surrounding Des Moines and Drake University. Politics is on everyone’s minds as the Iowa Caucuses loom. Every four years, we are lucky to experience the debates in our Sheslow Auditorium. 


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