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The Art of the Podcast

If you are anything like me, you love a good podcast! Even more importantly, you love to know the backstory behind it. How did the idea come about? Who was involved in its creation of it? How did it all come together? There’s just something special about delving into the behind-the-scenes story of your favorite shows. 

For this upcoming 2025 Iowa Caucus season, my classmates and I decided to create a podcast to share our knowledge better. The podcast drew from what we learned over the course of the semester from classes and on-the-ground events, and the aim was to bring to life the insights we gained. The result? A two-episode-long series aimed to provide a comprehensive look at the Iowa Caucuses.  

The first episode focuses on the history of the Iowa Caucuses, starting in the 1960s. It took listeners on a journey through time, exploring the evolution of the caucuses and how it became what it is today. It is the perfect episode in that it showcases how far Iowa has come and highlights the best and most famous (or infamous) political events occurring over the decades. 

The second podcast episode focuses on the current caucus season and its candidates. It dissected the dynamics and standout moments of the campaign trail leading up to the Caucuses thus far. The first episode can be found here, and the second one can be found here. 

Creating this podcast was a collaborative effort between a few other classmates and me. We worked together to create an outline of what would happen in each episode and brainstorm standout moments for each episode. 

When we went to record, we were not podcast experts right away. There were many stumbling blocks at first. We may need to work on our speech skills (you would think, as politics majors, we would have a handle on that, lol). Overall, though, after writing a well-detailed script, we successfully recorded our project. 

What struck me most about this venture was that it allowed us to share our collective wisdom in a form that is more outside the box and goes beyond the confines of the classroom. Our hope with this podcast is that it invites our audience into the world of the Iowa Caucuses and makes politics more accessible. You don’t have to be a political nerd or new junkie to be involved by any means. 

I highly recommend listening to our podcast episodes. They are only about 20 minutes long and are a great ENTERTAINING way to learn about the Iowa Caucuses. They are a passion project from the Iowa Caucus Project Team that we hope you enjoy. 


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