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Politics and Pizza Ranch

If you've been in the state of Iowa, you've probably heard of Pizza Ranch. From their fried chicken, rotations of pizza, and their doughy, cinnamon sugar frosting delight of cactus bread, everyone and anyone (as long as you aren't a vegetarian or have any allergies or dietary restrictions) can find something scrumptious to enjoy. 

Here's a little background- Pizza Ranch has been around for 43 years and was founded in Hull, Iowa. Hull is located in Western Iowa, near Le Mars. Currently, there are 15 states with Pizza Ranches. There are also 72 locations in the state of Iowa, from the suburbs of Des Moines to tiny towns with more pigs than people. 

It wasn't until the 2008 cycle that the Ranch became a political hotspot. According to research done by the Des Moines Register, Mike Huckbee was the first Republican presidential candidate to visit a Pizza Ranch in 2007. Since then, there have been countless candidates visiting Pizza Ranches around the state. With the co-founder Adrie Groeneweg holding strong conservative beliefs, it makes sense that candidates use the restaurant as a place to meet with voters in Iowa. Groenweg stayed out of the process except for a random small donation here and there until the 2016 cycle, where he endorsed Donald Trump. Groeneweg has not made an endorsement in the 2024 cycle. 

During the 2024 cycle, Vivek Rasmwamy made the most stops at Pizza Ranches around the state, where he bought potential caucusgoers a buffet plate before speaking. It makes sense that someone like Vivek, who is spending millions out of his own pocket on his campaign, would choose pizza ranches to host events as he is less worried about costs than other candidates who might choose to opt out of buying voters a meal. 

So next time the candidates are in town, head to a ranch, grab a plate, and listen to whoever is begging you for your vote so that they can become the next president of the United States.


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