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Asa from Arkansas

As we head into the final weeks of the Iowa Caucuses, there seems to be a leveling playing field in terms of candidates that will be available for Iowans to choose come January 15th. However, there are the lesser-known candidates that Iowans can still caucus for on that third Monday after the new year. Asa Hutchinson is one of those lesser-followed candidates by the media. 

Hutchison was invited and qualified for the first Republican debate back in August. However, in the last three debates, he has failed to meet the polling and donation requirements set by the RNC to qualify. This has caused speculation from journalists and political scientists that he may bow out of the race. However, he has chosen to stay in without participating in debates and low poll numbers

The day after the fourth RNC-sanctioned debate, Hutchinson visited Drake University in an event hosted by the Drake College Republicans. Here, he answered questions about his experience and policy issues that he would focus on if he were to win the presidency. In a tweet posted the following day, Hutchinson thanked those who came to hear him speak and also spoke out against the debate that happened a few days prior. “The questions covered more topics of substance than the ‘other debate’ in Alabama. Well done, Drake students!” said Hutchinson on his experience at the university. 

As the caucuses are now under 30 days away, it is interesting to see what direction Hutchinson’s campaign will take. A stronger showing than what the polls are showing could be a much-needed boost that he needs, but a poor performance could keep him from getting the boost that he may need to continue in the 2024 cycle.


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